Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thank you for the kind comments about the work.

Special thanks to Eddie Campbell whom I have had the pleasure to work for in the past. I learnt a lot from Eddie in those years. I mean, there was all the artistic stuff, but I really think his legacy to me went way beyond that. Above all, he taught me the wisdom of discipline.

There is always that point in any creative process where the temptation to run out the back door seems all too great. Eddie has the ability to push through those bullshit fears and get the thing done. He manages a whole team of Eddie's in his head, each with an assigned task.

I remember when he was doing the monthly Bacchus book keeping up a furious page rate (with me always running to catch up), he had this A4 piece of scrappy paper. On it was a list of twenty or so things that had to completed that month in order for the book to go out to the printer. Well, just one of the items on that piece of paper said "do the work".

You see, I think Eddie realised a long time ago that just being a 'creative genius' is only a small part to the story. You must make your 'bargain with fate', what you sow is what you will ultimately reap. You will, in other words, 'get what you deserve'.
Obviously things go pear-shaped from time to time. And only a fool would think he can control everything. I think it's about trying to live true to your higher nature. Not selling it short, regardless of whether you fail or make mistakes.

I try hard to live by that concept, but it ain't always that easy....

I really miss those years working for Eddie. It was by far one of the most rewarding creative experiences I have ever had.

Now... only a couple of art pieces this time. After twenty years or so, I decided to take up life drawing again. I seem to remember it being a wholly frustrating and demoralizing process the last time around. Thankfully this time I seem to be in a happier place with my work. I really try hard to produce a least two good pieces out of the evening (I go at night, once a week).

What I love about about these life drawing sessions is in some ways time has stood still. The same sort of dilettantes, fringe dwellers, young geniuses and big hearted harlequins still make it an environment deliciously vibrant and warm. I feel at home there.

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