Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's been a while. I've got some old stuff and some new...

I work for a film and television production house "TPD Media" in the area of 3D/animation and compositing.
Every now and then I get a break from flying logos to do a cool little thing for one of the shows we make at TPD.

This was a fun request. It's for one of our local lifestyle shows "The Great South East".
It's supposed to show Brisbane's Queen Street Mall sometime in the future. I made up some fake adds for the vid screens like "Ski Antarctica"and "Life on Mars" "House and Land packages selling fast!"
The robot in the bgnd is from a short film a colleague of mine is working on. He was cool for me to use it in the shot. The whole thing probably took a couple of days. We usually have pretty high turnaround in this area of video production. It's unusual for any project I work on to go on for more than a few days to a week.

Old stuff:

Jace Riegel was a one off for Dark Horse comics in the mid 90s. I wrote it with my pal John Passfield. I pencilled it and another pal Hugh Fleming did the inks.

Lion of The East: written by Dave Devries, art by me. Alas unfinished. Still, proud of what I had managed to do....perhaps one day......