Thursday, May 28, 2009


Copyright in the digital age.
Check out this interview with Lawrence Lessig on LNL (Thursday 28 May 2009).
(Yes I get a gold star and a koala stamp every time I mention the show here on my blog).

I Robot

A mixed bag this post...

...A robot design idea for a short film...

...a dabble in steam punk....

...and a nasty looking creature thingy...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

"If I could talk to the animals..."

Panda_enclosure from Pete Mullins on Vimeo.

This was done as a concept for a Panda enclosure. The project eventually fell through. It was interesting discovering the complex nature of the logistics involved in creating an area like this.

I bet the pandas couldn't have cared less about all the trouble and angst they caused.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Dream of Jeannie

A few old concepts on show today. I tweaked them a little before uploading.

First, I had heard about the Obama White House Correspondents' Dinner speech the other day on LNL. When I say speech, I should say 'stand-up routine'. Wow this guy is funny!

Not only did he 'lay 'em in the aisles' but when he turned to the more serious topic of the recent severe job loses among journalists, he was sincere, understanding and gave a serious commitment to the concept of a free and healthy press.

We do seem to be in very troubled and turbulent times, I draw some comfort from this new, commanding, ferociously intellectual and witty American President.

This last concept was my take on the 'genie in the bottle' thing. Sort of a scary Barbara Eden if you will.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Psychos in Space

A very eclectic bag of stuff today...Another game concept pic...

psycho from Pete Mullins on Vimeo.

Hitchcock's great masterpiece.

A digi-matte painting taken from images off the net. I love the different aesthetic you get when you work in black and white. It's a real shame that you don't really see that many black and white shows on TV anymore. Even though most of the great black and white films and programs were made before I was born, I was lucky enough to be exposed to them via TV re-runs.

I think there is a perception in the modern idiom to think that a lack of colour implies 'less'. A lot of the language of cinema and television craft was formulated in the B/W era. Watch a re-run of one of the original 'I Love Lucy' shows from the early fifties and you can see the template for every sitcom ever since.

It's a bit like when you develop an interest in art it is paramount you investigate the history of art in order to inform your present understanding of it. I fear we run the risk of ever increasingly diluting the 'creative gene pool' if we don't take the opportunity to visit the work of the past.

satellite from Pete Mullins on Vimeo.

This was done for the local hairdressing company 'Stefan'. Hair dryers in space...yup.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Snail's Pace

Been real busy with work, life, work, kids, work, work, work...
Managed to do a little bit more on the Viper. I've added the cockpit interior.

It certainly isn't 100% accurate, but I'll be putting the cockpit hood (?) over the top so it won't be completely on show.

Finished the landing gear assembly. Probably a little bit of putty work to go on these. Next is to cut into the underside of the fuselage for fitting the landing gear areas. More than a little scary!!