Thursday, October 28, 2010

...More Life Drawing

I thought I would post at least one drawing from each of the life drawing sessions as a way of pushing myself to produce better figures. Not sure if it's working just yet.
I managed to convince Eddie C to come along. It's been years since I have done any drawing in the company of the great Mr.Campbell. It was both inspiring and a little depressing. His stuff was confident, free, full of life. Mine: pedestrian, methodical, dead.

As always, his mere presence forced me to think more about what the hell I was doing. I hope he continues to come.. it was fun toiling away together (just like in the old days).

Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick sketch..

Another sketch of an old sock character. Ultimately he was deemed a 'bit too furry'. I always liked this one, though.

Valley Rattler

Valley Rattler from Pete Mullins on Vimeo.
Out and about with the Canon 550D again. This time our family took a trip on an old steam train that traverses  the hills and valleys surrounding the country town of Gympie. I was impressed by the sheer 'bulk' of the engine. It really had quite a presence.
I think I've mentioned before that I really need some sort of camera stabilisation for the Canon. They don't call  it the 'Valley Rattler' for nothing.
I gave the whole thing a bit of a grade in After Affects.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Toybox Opening Credits from Pete Mullins on Vimeo.
Starting last week on the Seven Network is a kids television series I worked on called 'Toybox'.
I basically did the opener as well as a few graphics peppered throughout the show.
The concept is a well known one: when the people leave, the toys come to life and play. It's aimed at  a younger audience with an educational perspective to it.
It was great fun to work on. As always, time and money were very tight so I had to be fairly economical with my approach to the opener. Because of the 'green screen' nature of the show the camera had to be 'locked down' for the ease of production. I was determined that I move the camera as much as possible for the opener to give the audience a greater sense of the characters interacting with their environment.
This is the opener with the temp audio track laid in.

Toybox_patch vfx from Pete Mullins on Vimeo.

As the 'toys' were performers in suits, there was both a 1:1 scale set and an over sized set built.
Budget constraints meant that only certain 'frequently used' areas could be built in the over sized area. All other locations were achieved with the actors on green screen keyed into the 1:1 set.

Toybox_Tina_vfx from Pete Mullins on Vimeo.
Obviously props like giant scale chairs and tables would have cost far too much to build practically, so CG versions were created and the original camera move tracked.

Toybox_Tom_vfx from Pete Mullins on Vimeo.

This shot was very difficult to track. I realised after the shoot that I needed WAY more elements in the green screen to help with tracking the shot. Matching perspective also became a challenge. In the end, I think I managed to strike enough of a balance between making the shot believable as well as aesthetically appealing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Robots of Death

Not that there are any 'Death Robots' in this post. I just love that title from one of my all time favorite Doctor Who episodes. Man, I wish someone would bring those robots back for the new Who. They were cool.
Seems like a million years since I last posted...oops.
A few 'blasts from the past'...character sketches for a proposed Jackie Chan animated series. Hmmm, I think they eventually did make a show, although I don't think the villains in it were quite so Cthulhu-ish..

Robot/droid design..

And a new drawing...this is from a sexy babe, vampire thingy I've been working on. Yeh, I know...more sexy vampires...but I'm talking about Vampirella sexy, not lame Twilight romance novel sexy.