Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Robots of Death

Not that there are any 'Death Robots' in this post. I just love that title from one of my all time favorite Doctor Who episodes. Man, I wish someone would bring those robots back for the new Who. They were cool.
Seems like a million years since I last posted...oops.
A few 'blasts from the past'...character sketches for a proposed Jackie Chan animated series. Hmmm, I think they eventually did make a show, although I don't think the villains in it were quite so Cthulhu-ish..

Robot/droid design..

And a new drawing...this is from a sexy babe, vampire thingy I've been working on. Yeh, I know...more sexy vampires...but I'm talking about Vampirella sexy, not lame Twilight romance novel sexy.


lach said...

Hey those jackie chan guys are neat.

And vampire girls certainly has some points of interest!

Hey what did you do on that 3 blokes game?

Pete Mullins said...

Hey lach...
I modelled some 3D buildings for a space city scene. Milenko did a lovely job on the designs.