Thursday, October 28, 2010

...More Life Drawing

I thought I would post at least one drawing from each of the life drawing sessions as a way of pushing myself to produce better figures. Not sure if it's working just yet.
I managed to convince Eddie C to come along. It's been years since I have done any drawing in the company of the great Mr.Campbell. It was both inspiring and a little depressing. His stuff was confident, free, full of life. Mine: pedestrian, methodical, dead.

As always, his mere presence forced me to think more about what the hell I was doing. I hope he continues to come.. it was fun toiling away together (just like in the old days).


lach said...

which life drawing were you going to?

Pete Mullins said...

It is run by a lady who has taken over the life-drawing model agency, She's based at Ashgrove in Bris.

It's a good session, very low key, relaxed. Although, a few more artists coming along would be great.

lach said...

Which day/time ?

Pete Mullins said...

Every second Tuesday at 7.30pm. It goes for a couple of hours.