Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Dream of Jeannie

A few old concepts on show today. I tweaked them a little before uploading.

First, I had heard about the Obama White House Correspondents' Dinner speech the other day on LNL. When I say speech, I should say 'stand-up routine'. Wow this guy is funny!

Not only did he 'lay 'em in the aisles' but when he turned to the more serious topic of the recent severe job loses among journalists, he was sincere, understanding and gave a serious commitment to the concept of a free and healthy press.

We do seem to be in very troubled and turbulent times, I draw some comfort from this new, commanding, ferociously intellectual and witty American President.

This last concept was my take on the 'genie in the bottle' thing. Sort of a scary Barbara Eden if you will.

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Passfield Games said...

Hey Pete, thanks for the link to the White House Correspondents' dinner - great stuff!

And awesome art too, by the way.