Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ok. Here goes.

I swore I would never do one of these bloody things. Why?

It just seems so...unashamedly....naked. Or self-centered. I think we have enough information already screaming down the lines of communication at us. It used to so quiet out there in the open air of proto-cyberspace. Now everybody has their 15 nanoseconds of fame sending opinions, confessions or adverts to an awaiting world.

Whether it wants them or not.

Then I thought, 'Ahhh, shuddup you old dufus. This could be fun.'
If you can't beat them...

Besides, it might be a good way to motivate me out of my comfortable surburban-Brisbane malaise.

Anyway, if you looked up at the right there you may have noticed that I have called myself an artist. Well that's because for most of my adult life I have pretty much pursued a creative career in the arts.

Look this is the first I'll ease myself into this process and not go too overboard with my life story just yet.

What I hope to achieve here is post some of my work, talk about things that affect my family,
and become famous.

....even if it's only for 15 nanoseconds.

1 comment:

FerdinandKreozot said...

Are you sure we have enough information?
I for one always wanted to have a place to go to and check your work.
So you having this blog is a perfect situation for me.
As for becoming famous by having a blog, good luck buddy :)

Anyhow, it was really nice to come across this here place and I promise to visit often.



PS, good thing would be to loose that word verification, it's pain in the butt :)