Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Here's a couple of sample shots from the doco 'Dinosaurs on Ice'
directed by Ruth Berry. I've worked with Ruth on a few projects now, all

This doco aired on the ABC a couple of weeks ago and, as the title suggests, it deals with
the possibilty that dinosaurs lived in the polar regions of the world.

The creation and animation the beasts for this show was deftly handled by an old pal of mine Bevan Lynch. Enviroments, comping etc etc was handled by myself and our small team at our

What was cool from my perspective is that we built a miniature for the prehistoric landscape. I had always wanted to do this. I used a 'model railway' approach to the detailing. We then put our CG trees and atmospheric effects over the top. Water/mud splashes were filmed elements.

I included this shot because I don't think it made the final ABC cut of the film.

Part of the doco dealt with the age old question: 'What wiped out the dinosaurs?'
I had to animate asteroids crashing into the Earth as well as volcanic activity gone wild.

The whole thing was hard work, but a good experience.
It was probably the most demanding project I have had to work on in a while. The biggest challenge I found was keeping a consistent look and quality to all the shots.

Oh I should credit another mate of mine, Darren Roach,who did a bang-up job on some bgnd matte paintings.
He's another one of these talented bastards I love to surround myself with.


Another post soon....


Anonymous said...

Hey Pete

Good to see you join the interent bloggers and always great to see more of your work


Jack Ruttan said...

This is so awesome. I love model stuff (worked for a summer at an architectural modeller, building trees, etc)