Wednesday, October 8, 2008

7News 3D plane from Pete mullins on Vimeo.

Yesterday a Qantas flight from Singapore to Perth dramatically dropped altitude. Apparently the 'auto-pilot' went a bit 'funny'. Luckily they still man these planes with human pilots so a major catastrophe was avoided when the pilot took control.

I was asked by the network to animate this event. Our company is often called upon to recreate events that the video cameras missed. Michael Cox pioneered the approach we use for this style of 3D news recreation.

This style of news recreation reached an almost ridiculous stage when during the second Gulf War we were making animations with only the most limited bits of information.
As frustrated filmakers we approach each scenario with a cinematic approach. We would push the bounds of plausibility in order to make these small 'dramatic pieces'. Each time we would pump one of these out to the network we expected the hardened news producers to say 'Come boys let's keep it within the realms of reality'.

Not once did anybody have an issue with our outlandish bits of animation.

I remember once one of the Sydney news producers said: 'It will get to a stage where we won't need to come into work any more, we'll leave it to you CG guys'.

I think he was joking.....


drjon said...

Not to be a mudstick, but if the plane plummetted head-first, wouldn't the passengers have been thrown to the back of the plane, not the roof as was reported?

Pete Mullins said...

yep...we questioned that as well.
In fact, I downloaded some reference of a plane that was crashing into the ocean. It remained horizontal as it came down, even after it's wings had torn off. It was only in the last few seconds that the plane nose-dived.
Did I mention the part about dramatic license?

drjon said...

You *did* mention the part about "dramatic licence". I suppose I was just makign sure that was what it was.

drjon said...

Looks like it was only an 8.5° downward trajectory:,24897,24499849-15306,00.html

I did not mention earlier on that I thought you guys did a marvellous job on that CGI, btw. Noice. Verysimilartudinal ;}P>