Thursday, July 2, 2009

I stumbled across 'When Comic Books Ruled the Earth' by Joel Bryan the other day. Those old B/W POTA comics obviously had the same corrosive effect on his psyche as they had on mine. This is a seriously funny article and a great blog. Hey, anyone who celebrates (or even remembers) the work of Doug Moench and Rico Rival has my attention!!


Joel Bryan said...

Hey, thanks again! And I'm really enjoying checking out your art here. Great stuff!

lach said...

Hey I caught a bit of that dinosaurs on ice thing on sunday.
Neat stuff-
who did what on that one pete?

Pete Mullins said...

I sort of 'oversaw' the whole project. I comped, detailed the miniature, render wrangled, designed 90% of it.
Bevan Lynch built, textured, rigged and animated all the dinos.
Dazzlin' Daz Roach did the better looking matte paintings.
Brad Schwede did the 'graphic' design.
We also had a couple of young guys Richard Waterhouse and Jason Gilholme help sometmes completing an entire shot from scratch.
It was good fun. A nice break from the usual 'flying logo' stuff.

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