Monday, April 12, 2010


At a recent SciFi/Comic convention I got talking to a fellow down 'Artist's Alley' who showed me how he inks his work in Adobe Illustrator. Now, I've dabbled with inking in Adobe Flash with some good results, but I was always keenly aware that I was using the software not in the way it was originally intended. After all, Flash is fundamentally a web/animation program.

Well here's my first attempt at 'penciling' in Photoshop, 'inking' in Illustrator then coloring in Photoshop.
Early days, but I think there's some promise in this technique. It certainly is fast!


lach said...

Wow- sweet,

+never thought to use illustrator

Sunday sketch is neat too. Nice background style.

(Thanks for stopping by at supanova also)

Joel Bryan said...

Very nice!

I've been experimenting with Illustrator for inking, too. Being a lefty, I drag my hand through wet ink all the time, ruining my work. About 11 years ago I started using Illustrator but doing it laboriously with points and lines and adjusting levers. A finished piece would take hours a day. Then I found a faster way inspired by an article I read by Brian Bolland.

Who inks digitally, too!

What brush set up did you use?

Pete Mullins said...

Thanks guys for the comments. Yeh Joel, still working the whole Illustrator thing out. I'm just using the standard brush with diameter variation set to 'pressure' max point setting.
Early days yet...