Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sydney-Canon 550d 18-135 lens from Pete Mullins on Vimeo.

 A little sequence I cut together from a recent trip to Sydney with my Darling Wife. We decided to purchase the Canon 550D after reading so many positive reviews about it on the net. Darling Wife  wanted to do more photography and I wanted a camera that could shoot HD. Sure, if we had more cash, it would have been great to get the 7D or hey...the 5D, but after reading up on the specs for the 550d (T2i in the US) it really did seem like great value for money.

I think it is obvious that an investment in a camera stabilizer will be next. Still,  the camera makes even low rent amateur cinematographers like me look almost good. I didn't perform any grading or software stabilization on this footage.

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