Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mr Firth goes to Washington

An interesting week, with the global financial crisis deepening and the USA electing its first African-American President.

Here are a couple of shots I completed for the Charles Firth comedy documentary that went to air this week on SBS. Unfortunately, I don't have the audio with these clips.

The first shot refers to the moment when the US public woke up to the faux reasons why America went to war in Iraq. Not wanting to accidentally squash Mr. Firth, the production asked me to create a falling fridge in CG. Note the 'I Love NY' sticker. That was my little joke.

Refrigerator Moment from Pete mullins on Vimeo.

The second shot recreates the pivotal moment from the famous 2002 French documentary '9/11.'

Sept 11 recreation from Pete mullins on Vimeo.


Peeboo said...

Nice work Pete.

What is the name of the VFX company you work for?

Pete Mullins said...

I work for a production company
called TPD Media. Although, in this case, I did the vfx for these shots on my own.

lach said...

what did you use for the tracking in the shots, says I ignoramously

Pete Mullins said...

Thanks for the kind comments.
I used After Effects CS3 tracker. I really hate tracking. Every time it feels like you're re-inventing the wheel.