Monday, November 10, 2008

Arctic Dinosaurs

'Dinosaurs on Ice' was re-badged and re-edited (with some additional animation) for the PBS/Nova network in the US. It would be interesting to see how this version differs from the cut we had here in Australia.


lach said...

Ah ha!
God only knows why I hadn't seen the link to your blog on milenkos.
Sweet environment drawings Pete.
Some are a bit Arthur Suydam I think(which is good).
Funny to see you mention that Brad Greenwood guy- I met him a few weeks back.

Pete Mullins said...

Hey man! Good to hear from you. I must admit I 'lurked' about at your blog a few days ago. Lovely stuff.

So you're living like a proper artist...none of this hi-techery BS.
Well done. I hope lots of good things come to you.

Yeh, Brad is a cool guy. A bloody AMAZING sculptor. Even though you've moved away from Briz I hope to catch up with you here in cyberspace...cheers!!

lach said...

Nah not quite- I STILL have to get back into the hi techery, I don't know how but I keep getting interrupted.
I get back to bris every couple of weeks do maybe we should catch up in the real world- maybe get milenko out of his hidey hole too.