Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My poor neglected blog. Been busy. Work has been nuts. And the home front....well, you can always check out my Darling Wife's blog for the latest there.
Been a while since I posted any 'pin-up' stuff. I really can't remember what possessed me to draw Kirstie Alley...there had to be a reason...

....ahhh, then there's Bettie Page. These two paintings were done with real brushes and paints. You know, like in the 'good old days'. The American flag painting was published by Ray Zone of 3D Zone Comics fame.
The funny thing about the flag one is that it turned up in an Italian art book on Bettie Page a year or so later without my knowledge or any form of payment. I remember friends at the time thinking it strange that I wasn't all that upset. I thought it was kinda cute, so I bought the book.

No idea what's going with this one. When working in the black arts of 3D animation you spend a lot of time 'rendering' i.e. waiting for the software to do something. So rather than annoy my fellow workers or smoke crack cocaine...I do this. Weird.

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