Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tradies, Renos and Plumbers' Cracks

After our recent experiences with bathroom renovations I thought about a new annual event to add to the Australian calendar. It's called 'The National Strangle a Crap Tradie Day'. We draw up a list of the really crap tradies out there. You know, the rude, racist, sexist, incompetent, nasty, smelly and/or pathologically lying ones.

Then we randomly select a few from the list and ritually strangle them.

Every year on the same day.

That'll keep the little buggers on their toes.

1 comment:

lach said...

why select a few?
Why not kill them all.
Or instead how's about "You paid $70 an hour for a crap tradie so why don't you pay an artist that much" day -

or year
Betty in the flag is awesome and I heartily return the salute of her fantastic 50's boobies. Almost makes you want to be invaded by the US.