Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Bettie.....

Hugh Fleming and I started working on a comic featuring Bettie Page with some other well known and not-so-well known hollywood characters.

That's supposed to be Darren McGavin in the hat (fond memories of the 'Nightstalker') and with the chimp piloting the plane is Don Knotts (the 'Ghost and Mr.Chicken'). Anne Francis (Forbidden Planet) appears later on as the quintessential jungle queen.

We never finished it. Maybe one day.....

....It was good fun....


Anonymous said...

Dear Pete,

This isn't connected to your latest post, but I'm trying to get the word out to animators about Richard Wlliams' latest project (he was the director of animation on Roger Rabbit, amongst many other things), the Animator's Survival Kit- Animated. His website is

I think what he's done is revolutionary. He takes animation apart and then puts it back together, in animation, in front of you. It's a bit like McCloud's Understanding Comics, if McCloud were Eisner.

There are some clips on his website that give a better idea than I can in words. I hope you can check it out.


Ben Smith

Pete! said...

Now that's a blast from the past! It looks great!