Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dinos on DVD

Here are the two versions of the Dinos on Ice documentary on DVD. The one on the left was for the American market, the one on the right for the Australian and European market. I'm not really a big fan of either cover, although I much prefer Ruth Berry's original title than the fairly pedestrian title the yanks gave it.

At least the Australian design has something of the enigmatic about it. It does remind me of the opening scenes from the film 'Blade Runner'. Had I known that image of the eye was going to be used for the cover I probably would have added a lot more detail to it.

It's always a familiar story, there's always too much to do at the end of these projects and little or no time to think about things like the cover to the DVD etc.


lach said...

Dinosaurs on ice does sound like a disney ice skating show. And 'arctic dinosaurs' is a bit dry from a race we expect showmanship from.
Still ...your stuff is out there which is awesome, and pretty neat to have done some dinosaurs.

Passfield Games said...

Congrats Pete - you're on DVD!

I agree with Lach, Dinosaurs on Ice sounds like something I'd take my kids as a Saturday matinee.