Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last weekend I went with John P to the Ideas Festival here in Brisbane to attend 'Sunday Brunch'. The forum was chaired by Phillip Adams and his guests included US robotics expert Helen Greiner, Professor Ian Lowe as well as comedian Bryan Dawe.

The basic discussion revolved around the emergence of a global 'intelligence' and how this could be the key to effectively addressing climate change. It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning and John and I vowed to get along to more of this sort of forum in the future.

I'm a big fan of Adams and his ABC Radio National show 'Late Night Live'. It is always interesting, always funny, always thought provoking and sometimes surprising. Follow the link and download a podcast.

Cyclops design for a Sinbad game concept.

A couple of illos for Penthouse magazine. The first was going to be for a series of fake 'B' movie posters. This one was 'Attack of the 50 DD Woman'. Clever, huh? Yeh right. It only lasted the one jape before a change of editor and the whole thing was scrapped (I assume).

The other illo was for the 'cartoon girls' done sexy thing. I don't know how many people remember the 'Wacky Races' show, but one of the main characters was a femme fatale called 'Penelope Pitstop'. Other memorable characters from this cartoon were Peter Perfect, Dick Dastardly, the Gruesome Twosome and the Ant Hill Mob.


Ben Newman said...

yar! love the penelope. go retro rude girls!

lach said...

50 dd womans boobs are a triumph,
I say ditch the sydney operahouse or repairs to same and spend 1 billion recreating them in its place.

(And instead of the gruesome twosome- how about the agreesome threesome?) ah well maybe next time...

FerdinandKreozot said...

man, when I saw these, I wet myself.
It could be caused by the non- related medical condition though, I am having it checked one of these days.
I love all of these, and your blog sure is getting sweeter each time.
Cheers to your skill,



Pete Mullins said...

Thanks guys...coming from talented gents like yourselves, I feel very humbled.

I would LOVE to have a regular gig doing pin-up stuff.

I don't know, does this stuff still fly in the instant digital download world we live in today?

Anonymous said... adventure iligan whti puget behzoo