Sunday, September 28, 2008

I was at a miniature and model makers expo/convention the other day looking through those beautiful Osprey books on historical costume and militaria. The one artist whose work always seemed to leap from the covers of those books was Angus McBride. As I expressed my fondness for Mr. McBride's artistry to the fellow behind the stall table, he informed me that Angus had indeed passed away last year.
What a great loss to the world of historical illustration. I even remember his contributions to a very influential magazine in my youth 'Look and Learn'. I've known quite a few history buffs who cite McBride's work as the most trenchant and, above all, the most beautiful. It's great that I can show my kids his paintings of ancient Rome or the Crusades and they immediately respond to them as alive and relevant.
Now to my stuff...My old buddy John Passfield and I have worked on quite a few different things together over the years. Most, alas, never went beyond ideas and drawings. This one: 'Jonny McAnnick' was a sort of parody on the Mad Max (and its clones) road warrior concepts. My favourite character is the sexy babe down the bottom, only because my darling wife came up with a brilliant name for her: 'Jealousy Burns'.Colour storyboards for a game concept. I actually took these into After Effects and did an animatic trying to impart a stylistic sense to what would be the opening video to the game.

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