Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Looking at Eddie C's 'The Amazing Remarkable Monsiuer Leotard' got me thinking about the whole circus pastiche. It reminded me of a job I did a while ago for a local radio station ad.

The brief called for a fully fledged circus environment. Suffice to say, circuses are bit thin on the ground these days. In fact, finding anything remotely resembling the sort of old style circus look we were after proved so difficult we opted for a CG/composite approach.

Raw Footage

The shot started with the actors, a few bails of hay and a blue screen. We purchased an elephant CG model and I did a fairly basic rig and animation for it. ( I certainly don't consider myself a character animator, but I knew the elephant wasn't going to do a whole lot).

I then sourced a whole bunch of other bits and pieces (trailers etc), blending it all together. The tent was a separately filmed element. I wanted to give the fella picking up the trash a bit more to do so I added the posters on the ground as a final touch.

Final Composite

I saw the trailer for the film 'Igor' the other day with the kids.

I did some designs once for a computer game idea that involved the long suffering mad scientist's sidekick getting into all sorts of trouble. It was an idea Rob (bigkid) Watson (who was working at Krome Studios with me at the time) had come up with. I thought it was an absolute corker of a concept...plenty of scope for silliness. He's kinda lovable don't you think?

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Daren White said...

Hey Pete.

I'm enjoying your reflections. I also spotted the title reference (and font) before scrolling down to the original post.

If they ever do hold an Apes trivia night in Brisbane, I reckon we'll have it stitched up ;-)