Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When I worked at ArcFX with Bevan Lynch and company I completed a couple of concept pieces for The Spierig (Undead) brothers' film 'Daybreakers' . The ideas didn't go much beyond this point, but it did inspire me to do a few more monster designs for other people.

Most notably: these werewolf designs.

What's great about working at this concept phase, particularly in the low budget world, is that initially the sky's the limit. As the realities of budget, time and investor confidence start to take precedence of course most of the high-falutin' ideas crash and burn.

Still, I really enjoy meeting people with new ideas and I love trying to interpret those ideas on paper...or...these days...on screen.

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Peter Urkowitz said...

Great to see your wide range of work! You really are talented!

Didn't Eddie Campbell once say that almost anything of any technical difficulty in his own work could probably be credited to your ghostly assistant hand working behind the scenes? I once might have passed that comment off as false modesty on Campbell's part, but I'm happy to see that it is probably true! Your contributions deserve to be remembered and celebrated, as well as your independent efforts.

Best Wishes,
Peter Urkowitz, Salem, Massachusetts, USA